The Hand-Cuff for Socks


No More Lost Socks or Sorting Socks

Keep Socks In Pair

From Wash to Wear

Washer & Dryer Safe

Trouser / Crew Socks                                 Thick / Athletic Socks

Infant / Kids Socks

Made in USA                          

 Mittens &   

Made in the USA, the original Sock Cop sock clips Keep Socks In Pair From Wash to Wear - through the entire laundry cycle. As Seen on TV and nationally recognized, Sock Cop ultimate sock clips serve as a hand-cuff for socks. Save time and money by eliminating the everyday hassle of sorting socks, lost and mismatched socks. Sock Cop is the perfect everyday laundry helper and ideal gift for mom, dad, coaches, teachers, neighbors, athletes and baby showers. Free Shipping for orders over $15 - Money Back Guarantee!

Sock Clips