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Give mom the gift that won't be forgotten - Sock Cop Ultimate Sock Clips!  For over 10 years, the original SOCK COP sock clips have helped thousands of families Keep Socks In Pair From Wash to Wear.  Made in the USA, Sock Cop ultimate sock clips have been recognized nationally as a safe and effective hand-cuff for socks, gloves and mittens. SOCK COP has been recognized on Good Morning America, HGTV - "I Want That!", in Good Housekeeping Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens and ALL*YOU Magazines. Use SOCK COP on infant socks, children's socks and adult socks. Ideal for any size socks including ankle socks, thin trouser socks, thick athletic socks as well as athletic knee pads.  Save time and money and eliminate the stress and everyday hassle of sorting socks, lost and mismatched socks. SOCK COP sock clips are the perfect laundry helper and unique gift for mom, dad, coaches, athletes, teachers baby showers.  Free Shipping and a Money Back Guarantee!

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